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"Experience the unique charm of Yunlin! The 3rd Yunlin Kite Surfing Open Competition took off from Sanjorun on the 28th, setting a record for the highest number of participants in a national kitesurfing event."

"Stop saying Yunlin is not fun! The "2023 Yunlin County 3rd Kite Surfing Open and Experience Activities" will take place in the winds of Sanjolun Sea on October 28th and 29th. On the morning of the 28th, Yunlin County Magistrate Chang Li-shan, County Chief Consultant Zhang Qingliang, Sihu Township Mayor Wu Jinwei, County Councilor Su Guolong, Deputy Director of the Marine Resources Department at the Ocean Affairs Council Guo Jinxing, Technical Specialist of the Southwest Coastal National Scenic Area under the Tourism Administration of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC), Su Yunbai, Director of the Technical Department Li Mingyue, and Director of the Planning Department, among others, visited the Sanjolun Beach Water Park.
Before the competition, Magistrate Chang and Councilor Su Guolong rode jet skis to show their support for kite surfers from both domestic and international locations. They aimed to inspire them to achieve excellent results and reach new heights!"


Magistrate Chang Li-shan said that first of all, she would like to thank the Ocean Affairs Council again for its two consecutive years of subsidies for the county government to promote marine affairs. The central and local governments have worked together to develop marine recreation, establish the Santiaolun water activity brand, create sustainable industries in the Satoumi, and promote people's closeness and intimacy. Honor the consciousness of the ocean. The first event today (28th) is the kitesurfing competition, and the finale on the 29th is the first wind and hydrofoil racing competition in Yunlin. The two events attracted nearly 200 domestic and foreign players to sign up for the competition, setting a record for the number of people competing in the national kitesurfing event. The most records! The kitesurfing competition is divided into two categories: "Speed Racing" and "High Jump Performance". The competition format adopts the rules announced by KTA in 2010. Players must have experience in kitesurfing.
Today, on the 28th, the inaugural event is the kite surfing competition, while the highlight on the 29th will be Yunlin's first wind and hydrofoil racing competition. Both events have garnered participation from nearly 200 domestic and international talents, setting a new national record for the highest number of participants in a kite surfing event. The kite surfing competition is divided into two categories: "Speed Racing" and "High Jump Performance," following the rules set by the KTA in 2010. Competing athletes must have prior experience in kite surfing.


Magistrate Chang continued by mentioning that this year, foreign players from countries like Australia, India, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and more have come to Sanjolun to participate in the competition. Among the Taiwanese players, Zhuang Jiuwei, Zeng Zonglian, and Zhuang Ziyan secured the top three positions in the newly added kite surfboard hydrofoil competition at the 2012 National Games. These three individuals have consistently participated in the competition for three years in a row.


Furthermore, Hou Jialing, the world record holder for women's high jump in kite surfing, has shown her support for this event by participating for three consecutive years, coming all the way from Penghu. Sanjolun has become a hub for kite surfing enthusiasts from the northern, central, southern parts of Taiwan, as well as the outlying islands to exchange experiences and skills.


Additionally, many experts have praised Sanjolun's calm water environment, making it the ideal place for novice kite surfers to learn the ropes. As winter approaches, the northeast monsoon winds can reach speeds of over 40 knots, providing an excellent venue for kite surfing experts from around the world to push their limits.


Magistrate Chang further explained that in recent years, the county government has been proactive in organizing events at the Sanjolun Beach Water Park. Not only do they host an annual ocean music festival, but they have also been actively promoting large-scale kite surfing competitions and water-based experiential activities. This year marks the third edition of these efforts.
Besides refining the competition system, there has been a gradual enhancement of the park's facilities, including features like the seawall landscape platform, outdoor washing facilities, and indoor hot water washing facilities. These improvements are intended to provide a top-notch competitive stage for the athletes and ensure that visitors to the event feel the county government's commitment to providing convenient services.
Simultaneously, the county government hopes that these years of hard work will gradually transform Yunlin into a prime coastal recreational destination. This will allow the local beach to regain its recreational and healing functions, sparing the residents of Yunlin the need to travel to other counties or cities for beach and water sports experiences. The county government team has both a plan and the confidence to develop the Sanjolun Beach Water Park further, including crafting an impressive entrance image, establishing a marine ecological education park, and creating highlights for Yunlin tourism to restore its grandeur!


Guo Jinxing, Deputy Director of the Marine Resources Department at the Ocean Affairs Council, emphasized that the Council's mission is to promote marine affairs and stimulate marine tourism and recreation. They also aim to support local development and prosperity. Seeing Yunlin County's continuous efforts to make the Sihu Township Sanjolun International Kite Surfing Competition more spectacular and exciting year after year, it truly reflects the vision of local development. He also suggested that in the future, the county government could plan relevant management measures for Sanjolun Beach, such as implementing fees, to address potential capacity issues when dealing with an increased number of tourists and ensure sustainable management.


Sihu Township Chief Wu Jinwei extended a warm welcome to friends from all over the country who have a passion for kitesurfing and water sports on behalf of the residents of Sihu. He also noted that since taking office, Magistrate Chang has shown a strong commitment to the development of coastal tourism in Yunlin County. With the support of the Ocean Affairs Council, substantial investments have been made in the development of Sanjoron Beach, enhancing its aesthetics and surrounding facilities.

With the construction of the Haishenggung Pilgrim Building, the issue of accommodations for visitors to Sanjoron Beach has been addressed. It is believed that the Sanjoron Beach Water Park will evolve into a prominent tourist and leisure destination in the future, drawing in a substantial number of visitors.


Councilor Su Guolong said that the third international kitesurfing competition in Yunlin County was better than ever with the joint cooperation of the county government and the Sihu Township Office and the financial support of the IOA. This year, more than 200 contestants from several countries participated. We look forward to the complete success of this competition and the expansion of the event to attract friends from all over the country and around the world who love marine activities to come to Yunlin County and visit the Sihu Santiaolun Beach.


Li Mingyue, Director of the Planning Department, added that this year marks the third year of organizing the Kite Surfing Open, and the "Wind and Hydrofoil Racing Competition" will be held for the first time. There will be two kite and wind wing competitions on the viewing platform on October 28 and 29. In the event's commentary, professional experts will lead the public to understand the sport of kite-winging, allowing children of all ages to enjoy the extreme event while also understanding the rules. In addition, every year, registration for the "water sports experience" is like grabbing a concert ticket and selling it instantly. On November 29th, November 4th and 5th, a total of 6 sessions of kitesurfing, windsurfing, stand-up paddling and other experiences were held. In addition to the wonderful things on the water, there are also many things on land! 4 "Ocean Environmental Education Tours" are planned. The tour content includes ocean beach cleaning, ecological guided tours, oyster cutting experience and parent-child orientation. Through an educational and entertaining experience, you can learn about the marine and land ecology of Sanjolun in one trip!


The Planning Office added that in addition to the water and land themed activities on October 28 and 29, there are many highlights in the surrounding areas. The public is invited to look for the two chilliest KUSO signs in Sanjorun Park, take a photo with one of the humorous and funny signs and upload it to the official website. Post designated posts on Facebook to get a limited-edition functional waterproof bag; there will also be a free HAPPY HOUR marketing event at 4pm and 5pm on the 28th. Queue up and complete designated tasks to redeem food or drinks, while supplies last! In the afternoon, there will be a MUSIC TIME music banquet, with bel canto and musical instruments to welcome the most beautiful sunset in Sanjorun; the hydrophilic market offers local delicacies, and is also the first trial sustainable market to promote the use of non-plastic packaging by merchants and buyers to bring their own Environmentally friendly utensils, let’s reduce plastic and love the earth together! There are also professional photographers who can take free photos at the Sky Mirror private attraction. Those who want to take dreamy and beautiful photos must not miss it! People who have not had the opportunity to sign up for water activities can also experience the core of land surfing, the seesaw board. It is a sport that can be easily mastered by people of all ages. It is suitable for the whole family to get on the board and take on the balance challenge!


The "2023 Yunlin County 3rd Kite Surfing Open and Experience Activities" today saw the participation of several notable figures, including Magistrate Chang Li-shan, Deputy Director of the Marine Resources Department of the Ocean Affairs Council Guo Jinxing, Su Yunbai, a Technical Specialist from the Southwest Coastal National Scenic Area Headquarters under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC), County Government General Counsel Zhang Qingliang, Sihu Township Chief Wu Jinwei, County Councilor Su Guolong, Chairman Wu Xianzhi of the Sihu Villagers’ Representative Association, Vice Chairman Cai Shuwei, Representatives Lai Juncheng and Wu Yaozong, along with Representative Wu Jiequn, and Chairman Su Jinzhi of Haiqing Palace. Also present were Li Mingyue, Director of the Planning Department, Lin Rongcong, Chairman of the Yunlin County Photography Society, Wu Junlong, Chairman of the Sihu Township Mediation Committees, Su Yuning, Director-General of the Sihu Township Farmers' Association, as well as various local village and school representatives.


Finally, the organizers would like to extend their special thanks to Red Bull for sponsoring sports energy drinks to give the contestants wings to soar higher and race faster. Hongyang Food provided the contestants with two days' worth of "Grain Plus" Nutritional Bars for a more nourishing and satisfying experience. Gucheng International Hotel offered the contestants preferential accommodation to ensure a comfortable and worry-free competition. 


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