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The county government invested more than 17 million yuan to improve Dongshi 3 roads. Magistrate Chang Li-shan: Strengthen road quality to protect villagers’ road safety

The external transportation in Dongshi Township, Yunlin County is mainly highways to improve driving quality. The Yunlin County Transportation and Public Works Bureau strives for forward-looking construction designs and self-raised funds, spending more than 17 million yuan to repair 3 roads, namely Yun 7 Line,  Yun 115 Line and Yun 111-1 Line, a construction briefing meeting was held on the 8th; Magistrate Chang Li-shan said that the construction of these 3 roads would be started and completed before and after the Chinese New Year, the road surface would be repaired, manhole covers would be put into the ground, and roadbed maintenance would be strengthened to protect the roads used by villagers safety.