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CHANG, Tjin (1937~)

*CHANG, Tjin (1937~)
     From his childhood, CHANG loved to carve bricks. He followed Master LIN, Yueh-tzong in 1970 to learn the tree-stones creation and was invited by National History Museum in 1985 to give a personal show. In 1986, he became a student of Prof. YANG, Ying-feng; two years later, he won the Award of New Talent in Lion Fine Arts and Nan Ying Sculpture Award and was invited to present his works in a special exhibition of folk arts. His works have been collected by National Palace Museum, Chinese Cultural & Historical Relics Museum in Fu Jen University, and the art museum of Nine Aboriginal Culture Village. He was invited by National History Museum to give a personal show under the title of “A Place of Unique Beauty – Chang Tjin’s World of Sculptures” and his works are collected by the Museum after the show. He was summoned to an interview by President CHEN, Shuei-bian at the Presidential Palace and the President even made a special trip to visit his personal show at History Museum. He was invited by Taipei Culture Federation in 2004 to give another personal show of “Shock – Chang Tjin’s World of Sculptures”.