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HSIEH, Rong-yuan (1948~)

*HSIEH, Rong-yuan (1948~)
     HSIEH began to fully get involved in the creation and promotion of Chinese painting since he retired from Taipei Technology University. He has studied in the Chinese landscape painting for more than three decades and instructed the Chinese painting class of Cultural Affairs Bureau of Yunlin County Government 14 years. He gives a great contribution to the development of culture and cultivation of new talents. He travels and paints around the world often and many of his works are completed in Taiwan, China, North America and Europe. In his unique presentation of painting falls, he employs the method of wet painting to deliver the awesome power and unpredictable variations of falls. His award winning history includes a second place each of Golden Eagle of the Air Forces, Painting Category; Provincial Public Service & Teachers Fine Arts Exhibition, Professional Chinese Painting; National Youth Painting & Calligraphy Contest; Provincial Middle School Teachers Fine Arts Exhibition, Chinese Painting Category; top selection and Excellence respectively in national and provincial fine arts exhibitions.