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Bathing Buddha Day at Hushan Rock

*Bathing Buddha Day at Hushan Rock
The eighth day of the fourth lunar month is the birthday of the Buddha of Tibet Buddhism, which is also called as the Bathing Buddha Day that is to memorialize the birth of the Sakiyamuni Buddha. On this day, all the temples of everywhere in Taiwan will conduct the activity of bathing Buddha. And the Dafo Temple of Hushan Rock in Douliou, Yunlin County will too hold the activity of bathing Buddha at this day every year.
Bathing Buddha means to purify one’s body, mouth, and mind, which is characterized by using Incense Water (Hsiang Tang 1) to bath the Buddha. This ceremony is one of the etiquettes and customs of life that all Buddhists think highly of. Its great significance can enlighten particularly the modern people. Naturally it becomes an important etiquette and custom of people. The process of bathing Buddha represents the growth of one’s mind. To modern people, it is the fundamental of mental health and the guide for spiritual life. In short, we should dispel our ambition, greed, and paranoia in minds so that we could have a quiet and comfortable life, healthy and carefree, and fully exploit our potentials.