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Fanshuyiao (Sweet Potato Kiln) Workshop

*Fanshuyiao (Sweet Potato Kiln) Workshop
Hong Yi company, mastering in traditional crafts and made a lot of research in Jiao-Jhih pottery, woodcarving, and stone carving, has planned and constructed many temples all over Taiwan. In order to promote a new life for the folk arts, it has built a local park that integrates local lifestyle, humane arts, sightseeing and education in hope to make the coast area of Mailieo have a little bit of culture flavor through exhibitions of artistic works, ceramic teaching and production of hand made modern ceramic.
Jiao-Jhih pottery is soft kaolin with lead glaze of lower temperature, which can be traced back to the green glaze invented in the Han Dynasty. Today it has combined with the folk arts and the geographical environment of Taiwan, which brings its aesthetics vividly into full play. Its characteristic is glaze that makes it look like the glittering and translucent amber and emerald. Wherein, the Jiao-Jhih pottery glazed with red rouge refined from pure gold is representative of it best that has become a valuable gift state premiers and presidents used to present to visiting foreign VIPs.
Fanshuyiao Workshop is built with intention to make visitors understand the culture and history of the traditional crafts through exhibition of artistic handcrafts and the process of DIY. The artistic handcrafts on exhibition are all fine products with a given quantity according to the policy of the Workshop. Ceramic Class will be opened for DIY to visitors and who may have fun with potting personally. The finished works after fired will be delivered to the makers by mail, another amicable service provided by the Workshop.
◎ One-day trip in Mailiao: NT$500/person (include Fanshuyiao entrance ticket, DIY souvenir, and lunch)
◎ Two-day trip of Mountain & Sea: NT$1,200/person (include Fanshuyiao entrance ticket, DIY souvenir, one breakfast, two meals of lunch, one meal of dinner, entrance ticket to Janfusun Fancyworld, and accommodation at Gongfan Temple)
Business Hours : 08:00~21:00
* Transportation Information
 Singhua 32, Singhua Village, 638, Mailiao Township, Yunlin County