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LIN, Huang-de (1939 ~)

*LIN, Huang-de (1939 ~)
He graduated from Taipei Normal School. LIN started to learn Chinese calligraphy at the age of 45. “Find the master, make nothing of traveling thousand miles” is his motto and always temper his will with it. LIN is not like to drift with the tides. And he would not rely on his masters’ fame and lay stress on imitation and coping. He wants to break away from conventional mode and old path. He loves to observe famous mountains and rivers and learn from nature so to make his creation all originated from his heart. He develops a habit of going to bed at eight p.m. and gets up at one a.m. to practice calligraphy. In 1993, he won the first prize in the contest of Beauty of Temple, an event held to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the building of Matsu Temple in Beigang. In 1995, he won the first place in a fine arts exhibition of Yunlin County with his works honored for permanent exemption from examination for collection; a top selection in the 51st Provincial Fine Arts Exhibition in 1996, a first place in Senior Citizen Group of the National Hon Li Cup in 1998; another first place in Senior Citizen Group of National Kwuen Yin Cup in 1999, and another first place yet in Senior Citizen Group of National Calligraphy Contest in 2000.