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Coffee Day

*Coffee Day
Coffee beans had been grown in Gukeng Township, Yunlin County when Taiwan was occupied by Holland and they were all for exports because of excellent quality. Today, growing coffee bean becomes one of the key agricultural economies for Gukeng Township, and that could date back to the time when Taiwan was under Japanese occupation. Hebao economy farm covering 300 hectares dedicated to the plantation of coffee beans is set up at the Hebao village in Gukeng Township, where the dominating species is Alabia with production entirely for export. 
In recent years, the Huashan Region in Gukeng Township suffered series of natural disasters. However, under the joint efforts of Gukeng Public Office and Huashan Community Development Association to gather up the resources of local people, the conventional industries of making tea and betel palm are transformed into the sightseeing and leisure industry to conform to the trend of the society. After the efforts they made, the coffee bean produced by Gukeng Township is qualified to represent Coffee Made in Taiwan. 
A great Coffee festival is given from October to November each year. Gukeng Township invites you to visit there for tasting the genuine Taiwanese coffee.
* Transportation Information
Transport Information: Get off Freeway No. 1 at Dounan Interchange → Tai No. 1 Provincial Highway → No. 158 County Road