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Ansi Temple Erection of Sacrificial Altar and Escorting the Wang Chuen

*Ansi Temple Erection of Sacrificial Altar and Escorting the Wang Chuen
The tenth day of the sixth lunar month each year is the main day for Ansi Temple to offer sacrifice. It begins from the mid of the fourth lunar month until the mid of the sixth lunar month pilgrims come from everywhere of Taiwan to pay their tributes in an endless stream. This is a most important ceremony in Taisi Township. 
In 1996, an activity of building up a sacrificial altar and escorting the Wang Chuen was held in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Temple. A huge and luxurious ship, the Wang Chuen was built by the temple party for the disciples to worship. On the tenth day of the sixth lunar month each year, there is the exciting contest of raising hogs, with each weighing more than 600 KG. All the Dancing Lion groups, Ba Chia Jiang groups, and Song Jiang Jhen groups from different communities in Taiwan are gathering before the Temple to celebrate the occasion, followed with burning of the altar, and chanting the Buddhist scriptures to pray for peace. The climax is to escort the Wang Chuen. Led by multiple formations representing the pen and the sword, flocks of people escort the ship, which is pulled slowly toward the seashore. At the moment, a deafening sound of gongs and drums resounds through the skies. Masters start to chant the scriptures and burning bunches of small square paper, a symbol of bribing the gods, while strings of small firecrackers are fired here and there, The Wang Chuen is filled up with the “bribes” and begins to float up as the tide is in. In no time, the Wang Chuen is engulfed by fierce fire and then by the sea. As the sea returns to normal, the pilgrims finally feel satisfied that they have done their worship of God. 
* Transportation Information
Transport Information: Chuan 2nd Road. Taisi Village, Taisi Township, Yunlin County