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3-Night Straight Cultural Event to Celebrate Lantern Festival at Fanshucu

*3-Night Straight Cultural Event to Celebrate Lantern Festival at Fanshucu
o welcome Fanshuliao Matsu to make a tour around the hometown for consecutive three nights during the fifth day until the morning of the eighteenth day of the first lunar month or February each year to celebrate the cultural holiday leading by the lantern festival is handed down by local ancestors. The activities include tripping the support legs of the sedan chair, firing the millions sticks of small firecrackers, and the offering of giant flour turtles to welcome Matsu, the God of Mercy, which can only be seen here in Taiwan. The parade goes on and on for three nights participated by, besides the local people, the people from other towns and their folk performing groups patronized by their temples. Of course, this activity at Shueilin Township also attracts many tourists. It is handed down from Cing Dynasty, and is really a grand Cultural festival with long history. 
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* Transportation Information
Take Chiayi Passenger Transportation at Beigang Station heading for Fanshucu