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Temple Fair at Chao Tian Temple

*Temple Fair at Chao Tian Temple
In early years, for every couple of years, Chao Tian Temple would make its pilgrimage to Meijhou in China to pay tributes to Matsu before being interrupted by the occupation of Taiwan by Japanese. However, the Temple still continue to have the custom of making a tour around to pray for peace on the nineteenth and twentieth days of the third lunar month each year after the pilgrimage to Meijhou. To welcome tens of thousand of visitors, on these two particular days, all families in Beigang Township will as usual give big banquets to receive pilgrims, fire firecrackers, and have a parade to perform the folk art of IGE.  
In Taiwan, everyone knows that Chao Tian Temple is the most live place in Beigang Township, Yunlin County. Here, all sorts of activities go on uninterrupted all year long, particularly from the period of Chinese Lunar New Year holidays to the end of March. One can see all typical folk events including temple fair, IGE performance, temple performing groups, Matsu making tour around to pray for peace, and the performance of colored lanterns. All are important traditional activities. It might be said that Beigang Chao Tian Temple of Yunlin County is the stronghold of conventional folk arts of Taiwan.
* Transportation Information
Get off Freeway at Chiayi Interchange →Singang→Beigang.