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Beigang Chau Tien Temple (Grade 2 Relic)

*Beigang Chau Tien Temple (Grade 2 Relic)
Beigang Chau Tien Temple is the Matsu Temple with longest history among more than 300 Matsu Temple in Taiwan, and is most reputed and most worshipped temple. In 1694, a Matsu stature was religiously divided from Chau Tien Temple of Mei Chou, Fukien and taken to Taiwan and landed at north bank of Bengang. In 1700, one wealthy businessman donated a piece of land and residents of Bengang put up money to build the temple. This is the Matsu Temple built earliest north of Chiayi.
* Transportation Information
 Address: No. 178, Chungshan Road, Beigang Township, Yunlin County