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Siluo Liaos Family Temple (3rd grade relic)

*Beigang Heroes Temple (Grade 3 Relic)
Generally there are two kinds of family temple. One was built by commons and the other one was built by person who is with official rank. The former only to the ancestor who led and migrated to Taiwan, while the latter to the great great fathers.

Chang Yuan-Tze of Liao’s in Siluo married the only daughter of Liao San-Jiu-Lang who had no son, and he took the oath that he should be in the name of Liao when alive and should be in the name of Chang after death. This is the origin of registering Household in the name of Liao and Tablet in the Temple shall be in the name of Chang. This is the beginning of double family name- Chang-Liao.

In Late 19th century, Liao family had factional fights with Chung and LEE family, added with low economy, the family temple was not well maintained. And there were rumor that the location was not propitious, and the Liao’s Temple, Jisu House was down in a typhoon. Rebuilding had been talked for long time without a resolution and each branch takes own home as the family temple and Liao’s family temple was created. The temple is facing west, a U shape building, and single depth with worship pavilion. It is located in a narrow alley behind buildings along main road. It seems like a small world segregated from the noisy world.

(The above quoted from Taiwan & Fukien Area Class 3 Relics Files and Pictures)
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