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2010 Taiwan Coffee Festival

Date : Nov/13/2010 - Dec/5/2010 [Weekends only]
Time: 09:00 ~ 22:00 [Opening hours vary by location and date]
Location: Please click here for more specific time and location

Organized by :
- Yunlin County Government
- Gukeng Township Office, Yunlin County 

Supervised by:
- Tourism Bureau 
- Commerce Industrial Services Portal
- Soil and Water Conservation Bureau

Supported by :
- Yunlin County Council 
- Gukeng Township Council
- Yunlin Association of the Republic of China 
- Yunlin Townsmen’s Cultural & Educational Foundation
- Yunlin County Farmers Association
- Yunlin County Chamber of Industry 
- Gukeng Township Farmers Association 
- Huashan Recreation & Leisure Association
- Yunlin county tourism Recreation & Leisure Industry Strategy Association
- Hebaoshan Community Development Association 
- Janfusun Fancyworld Amusement Park
- Yunlin County Rock Music Association
- Color Music Band
- Jazz Cat music studio
- YIN-BA Music Band

The 2010 Taiwan Coffee Festival has been started in Gukeng Township, Yunlin County. Gukeng coffee become one of the most popular and successful agriculture product in Gukeng Township, and it has a long history since the Japanese colonial period.

There is a series of activities will be held from 13 November to 5 December 2010 on the weekends. During the period, the activities promote not only Gukengs chief agricultural product - coffee but also Yunlin county’s local specialties. The host also organizes variety entertainment events to participate at the festival which include cultural, music and movie programs.

To provide a better service, we announce different shuttle bus routes for tourists to explore the depth of Yunlin, and the services operate on the weekends from 27 November to 5 December 2010. Yunlin County has the largest amount of agricultural produces as it is called the capital city of agriculture. When you take a trip at the coffee festival in Yunlin, you will enjoy a variety of prime quality of agricultural products and learn about the cultural of Yunlin. Welcome to the 2010 Taiwan Coffee Festival to explore the beauty of Yunlin.