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How do foreign parents adopting a child with R.O.C. citizenship file for adoption?

(I) Application Process

1. An attorney must register for adoption with the R.O.C. courts.
2. The adopting parents must file an application with the childs district Civil Administration Office.
3. When the adopting parents are unable to apply in person, they may appoint a representative by power of attorney (power of attorney established abroad must be notarized by a R.O.C. embassy/consulate/trade office); that person with power of attorney must be approved by the jurisdictional Civil Administration Office.
4. The child may assume the surname of the adopting parents; the full names of the adoptive parent shall be recorded.

(II) Required Documents

1. Applicants identification and seal (or signature).
2. The childs household registry and R.O.C. identification (except in cases where R.O.C. ID has not been issued).
3. Court order and documentation of verification.