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Guidelines for Collection of Fees for Airborne Quarantine Inspection at International Airport

Original letter dated on January 19, 1976
To: All Concerned
Re: Approved version of the Guidelines for Collection of Fees for Airborne Quarantine Inspection at International Airports to take effect as of February 1, 1976

Wang Chin-mao


Guidelines for Collection of Airborne Quarantine Inspection Fees by Quarantine Offices at International Airports under the Jurisdiction of the Department of Health, Executive Yuan (DOH)

Article 1: Collection of airborne quarantine inspection fees for arriving and departing flights and passengers of each and every airline, hereinafter referred to as a "company," shall be handled in accordance with these guidelines.

Article 2: A company’s aircraft weighing over 15 tons that enters into or exits from an international airports ramp shall be subject to a charge of airborne quarantine inspection fee of NT$360 each. During off-hours, the fee shall be double.

Article 3: Each company shall, prior to entry or exit of the aircraft, file the application for quarantine inspection upon which the quarantine shall be conducted.

Article 4: The quarantine office shall conduct quarantine inspection in accordance with the quarantine application and the actual arriving/departing time of the aircraft. After completion, the said office shall record the manifest the date, time, and flight no. The same information shall be entered into the inspection log upon which the airborne quarantine inspection fee is levied.

Article 5: The quarantine office shall, based on the entries in said log, list in detail the fees to be collected along with notice for payment (six coupons) to the treasury and notify each company of payment due.

Article 6: Each company shall, within 10 days upon receipt of said notice (counting from the very next day), pay the bill directly at the national treasury (Treasury Department, CBC) without delay.

Article 7: To prevent payment in arrears by a company, a fine for belated payment shall be imposed. For three days after the deadline, the penalty is one-one hundredth of the amount due; in excess of six days, the penalty is two-one hundredth; in excess of over nine days, three-one hundredth, i.e., for every three days after the deadline, the penalty increases by one-one hundredth; where it is less than three days, it shall be counted as three days; where it is more than three days and less than six days, it shall be counted as six days; the rest shall be calculated in the same manner. If in arrears for one month, an additional 10/100 shall be levied and the fine for arrears over one month shall be calculated by 10/100. If in arrears for over two months, the case shall be prosecuted in accordance with law.

The fines mentioned above shall be included in notice for payment in the following month issued by the quarantine office.

Article 8: Upon receipt of the payment, the national treasury shall immediately return Coupon 4 to the concerned quarantine office with acknowledgement of receipt of payment specifying the date received. The concerned quarantine office shall then send the information in its monthly report to the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting & Statistics and the Ministry of Finance for file and reference.

Article 9: These guidelines shall take effect on the date approved by the DOH. The same shall apply to subsequent amendments.

cc: Office of Government Gazette of the Presidential Office, MOF, Civil Aeronautics Administration, Taipei International Airport Quarantine Office, DOH, Kaohsiung International Airport Quarantine Office, DOH, Accounting Office, Bureau of Communicable Disease Control

Encl. as stated



This translation is for information purposes only and does not represent the binding law of the Republic of China. The binding law appears only in the national language, Chinese. Therefore, for purposes other than acquiring information, reference must be made to the original Chinese version of these regulations.