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County Flower

Among the local produces of cut flowers, chrysanthemum, cut leave category and orchid are the main items produced in Yunlin Area. Phalaenopsis looks like flying butterflies when it is blossoming and is one of the top 10 popular cut flowers in Taiwan. The Top Ten Cut Flowers are: Phalaenopsis, rose, stgrelitzia reginal, chrysanthemum, gladiolus, African Daisy, Lilly, anthuim, carnation and eustoma.

Phalaenopsis is of one of Orchid family and the scientific name is Moth Orchid. It is of perennial herbaceous plant with large family of species. On the market, it has white flower with red center, white flower with yellow center, dark pink, light pink and mini-size. It is suggested to purchase 8 or more flowers with thick and watery color and saturated petals. It is mostly grown in greenhouse in recent years, in excised embryo reproduction, which enables massive export. This flower has long blossoming period. Its unique elegant style makes it the best flower gift between friends and colleagues. When arrange it, the best way is to let it extend freely, aided with light flowers to support its outstanding trait.

Phalaenopsis is called here as butterfly orchid, as the style of blossoming is very close to flying butterflies. The native species white flower phalaenopsis, Amabilis is renowned in the world. In southeast Asia islands, such as Philippines, Borneo, Indonesia and Malaysia, there are 50-60 native species. They are single stem orchid.

The phalaenopsis growing and reproduction techniques of Taiwan is at the top level of the world. In number of species and production, Taiwan should be names as Kingdom of Butterfly Orchid. With so many good species, aided with mass growing techniques and blossoming period adjustment skill, the supply is already round the year.

Phalaenopsis represents happiness. It has brilliant color of flower in elegant style. After being arranged, it is gorgeous and become the gift for parties, home life and decoration of shops. When it is blossoming, the patterns are most like flying butterflies, which is of extremely beautiful and no one would be tired of looking at it.