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County Bird

In low elevation mountain areas of Taiwan, lines of blue birds are frequently passing through trees, which are the unique bird of Taiwan – Taiwan Blue Magpie. It has dark blue body, red beak and long tail with white end. The overall length of body is about 65 cm, which should be of large bird. They are not much afraid of people. By houses in mountain area or newly developed area, it is not difficult to find their sights.

Taiwan Blue Magpie can be classed as polyphagia bird. They eat as large as snake and bird and as small as insects or fruits of plant. They mostly nest at the place where forest area meets with weed area and mostly at the top of tall tree. The nest is in bowl shape and each nest normally has 4 to 6 eggs. They like to live together and during the season of reproduction, when they are raising young bird, other birds of the same family would come to help.

Taiwan Blue Magpie guards its nest strongly and the intruders will normally attacked ruthlessly until they leave.