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County Emblem

Design time: Before 1991 and was passed in 8th Special Session of 12th County Assembly.

Philosophy of design: It is to display the county citizens’ spirit, simple and hard working and is designed for build the solidarity and harmony in the County for creating progress of the County jointly. The emblem and the flag of the County is the symbol of the spirit of the County.

Description of Design:

  1. 20 gears at the outer ring signify the incessant and silent running of the 20 townships comprised the County, solid and harmonic, heading for ideal future.
  2. The totem above the geared wheel indicated the common goal of the 20 townships moving forward to high tech stead of settling down to being an agricultural county.
  3. Totem above geared wheel: The color ribbon signifies the Honor of the County.
  4. Yellow ribbon: Yellow means hope bright, active and generous.
  5. Green Ribbon: Signified that the County is now an agricultural county, representing plain and diligent virtue.
  6. Blue Ribbon Blue is ocean. The County is aggressively developing ocean tourism, aqua-culturing and off-short industry and also the symbol and ambition.
  7. Two white ribbons: Means the County has two main river- Juoshui River and Beigang River.
  8. The two characters of Yun & Lin: Round represent harmony and solidarity.