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No worries over hiring foreign workers with legal compliance!2016-01-04
The taxes are not written off, even after travel restriction lifted after passing the 5-year expiration2016-01-04
The name change or organizational change of incorporations is not subject to deed tax2016-01-04
Bozailiao re-zoned land is on auction, interested parties are welcomed to bid2016-01-04
It is important to perform health examination for foreign workers in a timely manner2015-12-23
Dounan Police Department Junior Chen Qisheng awarded the 104th year civil services ethic merit2015-12-21
Flying elephant crossing river, Yunlin police chased down drug syndicate to Jiayi2015-12-21
Changpin Policemen confiscated drugs and ammunition during patrol2015-12-21
Foreign contaminants entrained by cold current on the 16th, please take precautions2015-12-16
Magistrate Li praised Maguang Elementary School for winning first place in the Zhongzheng Cup Dodge Ball Group A Girl’s match2015-12-16
Any properties under taxpayers’ name is due for seizure in case of delayed tax payment2015-12-11
Change of address of foreign workers must be reported2015-12-11
104th year county student-teacher local music karaoke competition2015-12-07
Please take precautions on arrival of the Northeast monsoon for worsening air quality2015-12-07
Labor-management counseling sessions proved to be effective2015-12-07
High-speed Rail Shuttle Bus in operation, free for all county residents during the first month2015-12-02
The Control Yuan local government agency will be available to take in public appeals on 12/3 in the County Government Office2015-12-01
Please come to the 104th year Yunlin County Carnival of Food Safety on 11/28 in the Humanities Park2015-12-01
The warming ceremony for Yunlin Police Volunteer Association Office2015-12-01
Real-transaction registration system helps reduce disputes arise from land expropriation2015-11-25